Parshas Lech Lecha: Seeds of Salvation: Delving Deeper: Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin
Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin, spiritual leader of Congregation B'nai Avraham and Chabad of Brooklyn Heights. Over 400 classes have been recorded and webcasted on YouTube, Jewish.TV and podcasts. These attract thousands of viewers worldwide each week.

Rabbi Raskin has spoken on five continents, and many leading publications have profiled Rabbi Raskin, including National Geographic, The New York Times, and The Jerusalem Post.

Rabbi Raskin is the author of the following books: Letters of Light; A Mystical Journey Through the Hebrew Alphabet, By Divine Design: The Kabbalah of Large Small and Missing Letters in the Parshah, Guardian of Israel: Miracle Stories of Tefillin and Mezuzah, Thank you G-D for making me a women, and the co-author of The Rabbi & The CEO: The 10 Commandments for 21 21st Century Leaders. Most recent, Simanim: Parsha Mnemonics