Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein: Parshas Pekudei 5784

Join Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein on Delving Deeper: Parsha & Chassidus. As a renowned and distinguished Jewish spiritual leader in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Rabbi Weinstein's latest project is a testament to his dedication to the community's spiritual well-being: an online fundraiser for a new Mikveh in Bucks County. Serving as the Director of the Jewish Learning Academy and Rabbi of The Shul at Newtown, he is well-known for his impactful work, including the innovative Beginning Within podcast and The Bar Mitzvah Prep School. To support this important project and contribute to the establishment of the new Mikveh in Bucks County, donations can be made through the fundraiser website: https://raisethon.com/amc-mikvah/weinstein. This effort not only furthers the physical infrastructure for Jewish rituals but also strengthens the community's spiritual foundation, reflecting Rabbi Weinstein's vision for a deeply connected and spiritually vibrant Jewish community in Bucks County.