Shemini 5779

On the 8th day of the inauguration of the Mishkan Moshe summons Aharon, his sons and the zekenim. He then addresses Aharon (and his sons). Why are the zekenim summoned?

One of the korbanot Aharon brought was to atone for the sale of Yosef. What is the connection between the two?

Rav Joseph B. Soloveichik on what we learn from Hashem denying to Aharon the natural reaction to the loss of a loved one. Aharon, as the Kohen Gadol, belonged to Hashem, to no one else, not even to himself. Sometimes the Torah makes demands of us that seem superhuman but we must try.

The debate between Moshe and Aharon regarding the korban of Rosh Chodesh and Moshe immediately admitting he made a mistake.

Why does the Torah refer to non-kosher animals as tamei?

The Malbim on the parallel between the four exiles and the four animals which only have one kosher siman.