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My Parsha Plan

Choose a parsha goal (בלי נדר) for Sefer Bereishis.

Stay on track and qualify for weekly giveaways, special events, and more!

How It Works

Every year we try to learn the parsha and complete shnayim mikra. But it’s hard to stay on track, week after week. This year, stay motivated with 'My Parsha Plan' from All Parsha.
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    Download the free All Parsha app or use the allparsha.org website for parsha classes and resources. (See FAQ for details)
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    Choose a goal for Sefer Bereishis: Whether it’s 15 minutes of weekly parsha learning, or completing shnayim mikra.
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    Enjoy weekly giveaways, inspirational clips,
    a personal shnayim mikra tracker and much more.
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